Skincare methods are now evolving in the past few years. During the pandemic situation it became changed a lot. People gone through stress and global shortage of skincare raw materials have brought many changes in the procedure and availability.

Nowadays the trend is eco-friendly skincare methods. Most people are adapting strategies that are more related to repairing than anything else. 2022 is the year when people are back to more socializing and engaging working environment. 

The approach must be different this year. Here are the most innovative skincare trends coming this year predicted by the industry specialist.


Streamlining our skincare strategies will be the biggest trend in this year. It is expected that the long-lasting routine skincare will not be in the trend anymore. Many understand that over makeup has a bad impression on our skin. People are choosing gentler ingredients over the chemicals. 

The plant-based alternative products have growing demand for the past few years. It will continue in this year as the expert says. The need of soothing for skin using Hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides will be ideal for the collagen to repair. It removes the sign of ageing and reduces dark spots.

Fermented Skincare

Naturally grown bacteria are fermented on your skin which takes your skin care to a long way. This trend has first adopted in Asia. In this process a potent ingredient is used for the fermentation on your skin that is called Kombucha. 

This fermentation process breaks down the active ingredients into smaller parts and makes it easier for absorption. It causes less irritation for the skin. This fermentation is fully unique process of growing useful bacteria on the skin. It ensures a long-lasting effect on the skin because of the moisture that protects the skin from the environment.


Micro dosing was a trend in 2020, now it is the turn of micro treatments. In micro dosing we used a small amount on the skin; similarly the micro treatments are same. This is another kind of fermentation and it is applied in small amount on skin. 

Vitamin-c, exfoliating acids and retinol are used on skin for micro treatment. Use this regularly to minimize the irritation of your skin. Small amount of facial is also a trendy type because life gets busier this year. Products that are expensive and have side-effects leaving space for the micro-treatments. 

Anti-Stress over Anti-Ageing

Stress increases the hormone called cortisol which is the reason behind skin problems like atopic dermatitis, acne, eczema and psoriasis. As the last year was a bit stressful for the multiple lockdowns and routine breaking; 2022 will be definitely the year that will focus on the skin relaxation. 

People are getting smarter day by day because they realize how self-care is more important to maintain the skin conditions well. They are more optimistic to care themselves rather using countless skin care products.

The techniques of home caring like breath work and other skin rituals are getting more attention of many. These home rituals are helpful for stress relief and reduce the hormone cortisol. 

Blue Light Protection SPF

It is the latest innovated formula that is developed after a long period of observation. Nowadays, the uses of mobile and laptops are very high and its rays have an impression on the skin. UV lights causes ageing which is directly linked to oxidative stress increasing and it has Flammarion effect. 

Blue light protection SPF is designed to protect the damage of UV light to your skin. This also prevents the skin from UV radiation damages. The need of UV protected SPF product has increased after the lock down which led people to over use their electronic devices.

Skincare formulas are varies in different time period. All you have to do is, following trends that suits best to your skin types.

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