You might find it very attractive when you see the well-built structure of people who goes to gym. You admire them and want to join gym soon to get a good shape. But remember that every time you go to a commercial gym, you must go through a lot of preparing. 

Here are some tips to build your Home Gym on a budget.

Why Need A Home Gym?

Packing all the gym stuffs like the dresses, shoes, supplements, water bottles are extra tasks for every gym session. Over the time it is boring and waste of time. After leaving home you have to go to your destination passing through all the traffics. 

Inside the gym you have to get on the line for long time to get the chance to work out with your desired tool. Honestly you can avoid all these boring stuffs by setting up a gym at home.

How Will It Cost To Set Up a Home Gym?

The important question is how it would cost to set up a gym at home? 

You can set up a $20,000 gym at home if you want. But that’s not possible for small places or budget. We will give you pro tips that will surely come under $1,000. Whether your purpose is to lose weight or growing muscles our well planned instruments will fulfill your primary needs.

There is lots of equipment to recommend but all these items are not for your basic needs. We added foundational instruments for every level of exercise. These things will meet your budget plus they are very suitable for experiencing a better exercise session. 


It is high quality equipment for any gym that is why our first recommendation is barbell. This is one of the mostly used equipment of any gym as well. Now the question of durability is to be considered. For those people who likes doing overhead press, squat or deadlift we recommend to use steel-made barbell. 

The minimum of 200k PSI tensile strength of shaft and powerlifting knurl marks are good of quality. Higher tensile strength steel and bronze rotation system barbell is long-lasting one. Before buying considers getting this piece which meets at least minimum requirements we recommend. Among other instruments a barbell might cost you the most but it will be in the budget.

Squat Rack 

Squat rack is common item because it is used for many purposes in every gym. Before buying a squat rack you must check the weight holding capacity of it. Nowadays almost every level of squat racks is capable of handling lot of weights.

 As you have assumed, there is no need to buy a high level of squat racks. You are allowed to cut the cost to get squat racks. A good quality squat rack must be capable of holding one thousand Lbs. 

Flat Bench

A simple flat bench can be used as multi-purpose exercise tool. You can use your bench for doing box squats, spilt squats and box jumps. Consider a 17 inches height of bench that has well glued foam pad. The good thing is that a good quality bench comes under your budget. 

Weight Plate

Don’t go out of budget to get weight plates just make sure to get iron plates. There are no issues with the second hand weight plates. This is another cost cutting section for you. If you want to do clean and jerk then you’ll need extra bumper plates. Bumper plates have a well weight accuracy which is made of virgin rubber.

Above equipment are all available in between $800-$1,000 if you can collect from right place. The myth of expensive gym is over, go for budget gym at home.

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