Do you want to gift your man skin care product? I will suggest some native Skincare Gift Brands of India that will be ideal for gifting. As the gifting trend shifts time to time, a beauty product will be unique gift for valentine or birthday. 

India is a growing market for men’s beauty products. Beauty bloggers refers some Skincare is top among the beauty brands available.  As men’s and women’s skin care products are different you will not easily find it for the men’s. Most of the markets are dedicated to women centric skin care products.

It is unfair for the men when you start exploring among few brands. Especially in the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or even Birthday it may be difficult for to choose something to gift for your man. We have come up with the Beauty Blog to this offering some Skincare Gift Brands you can choose to gift your man. 


Inveda is an organic brand which offers some products for men. Company claims these few products are hundred percent organic devoid of harmful chemicals like alcohol, parabens, Silicone and ammonia. Inveda have a complete package of day and night skin care kits for men. Starting price of the products is $10.  

The ideology of this brand is to promote organic beauty items made from natural ingredients. The age-old formula of Veda is reincarnated by Inveda. Natural extracts of this products has regenerating qualities as per claimed by the brands.

Forest Essential 

It is a luxury kind brand rich in Ayurveda preparations. It is the main specialty of this brand. This brand began the journey to conquer the world by producing handmade candles and soap. Now it is a renowned brand in the world. You can afford this brand if you have no issue with budget. 

The starting price is up to $50 for men’s kit. This kit is prepared using the blend of sandal wood. Expensive ingredients like orange, peels are also used in the kits. The brand claims to sell only Ayurveda cosmetics that have no side effects on the skin. It is a well-known brand in the world that uses organic and natural ingredients. 

The Man Company 

It is a men-only brand. It claims to sell only products that are tasted personally by them. By doing this, they established an honest brand. They are passionate cosmetic brand that unites the culture and outlook of their products. It associated with Emani brand for the strategic vision to produce a more oriented team. Their products use premium oil that is devoid of any chemicals. The starting price is from $15.


It is also a men-centric brand. A brand dedicated for men’s grooming items. The products of this brand are free of parabens. The products of this brand prevent skin inflammatory problems. 

The starting price of this set is $20. As they sell on their website you can gift and mix these products with other items. 

The Phy Life

This brand is new in the market. The mother company of this brand is called headspace. Headspace is known for high quality products for hairstyling of men. In this case, it is another men-centric brand. The brand has hire chain that is Unilever. The joint venture backs the capital of the skin care department of this brand. This brand has also women line known as plum. 

You can go to their website and order kits and various products to gift for your friend, boyfriend or husband. The brand claims their products are hundred percent vegans for hair care. It is free of harmful chemicals like parabens, ammonia and sulphates. They also claim their products to be dermatologically tasted. The starting price of this product is $5.  

There are options for skincare and hair care is in front of you. You might be lucky by getting a good idea for gifting him something worth. Stay tune for further ideas.

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