There are some Common Mistakes people make of choosing lighting, decor, furniture while doing Home Decor. Rearranging cost is also an affair, so be well informed before you decorate your home. A nice decoration reflects the personality and taste. We point some Home Decor mistakes that usually occur in new home. Here are some Common Mistakes that you make.

Functional Mistake 

It is very important for decorating to focus on the function of furniture. You have to arrange the necessary furniture first. No need to install unnecessary furniture if you a have lack of space. Instead use multifunctional furniture to save space and money. 


Cluttered spaces fill awful. In a home it fills stressful and looks chaotic. Home Decor Design should be well organized and have good facility of storage. A solution to this is closed cabinets because items stored into it remain out of view. It also helps concealing the wires and cords remain covered. Cluttering gathers unnecessary items that are no longer needed. Decluttering ensures aesthetic views with matching color walls. 


Having a photo on the walls portrays aesthetic views and depicts your taste of culture. But installing too many photographs in a wall could look like a disaster. So, choose a perfect wall for photos that truly attacks. 

Matching Décor

Many consider choosing matching furnishings for all pieces in the room. As a result the carpets, accessories, curtains and texture of all the things looks similar which is boring. Don’t be afraid to use different textures and different fabrics. It will make a coordinated look with different color patterns that will reflect your taste. The traditional matching home décor ideas is a very common mistake made by them who decors home for first time. Decor designers prefer to incorporate different mixture of colors. 

Decor Items

Traditional items are losing interests of many. People now like to buy decors on the go because of the unique decor inspiration and purposes. Conventional items are often focus on primary functions and lacks appeal in design.

Painting Color

Select the furniture and accessories first and then go for paintings. It is a very common mistake that most of the people make. They paint without considering the decorating ideas and accessories and create a messy look of their home. Paint colors should be wisely selected for the display of your entire home. Same color could not be suitable for drawing room, dining room and for kitchen design

Low Quality Furniture 

Poor quality furniture is not recommended by many because it may look attractive but creates problems later. Choose comfortable and firm fitted furniture which will last for long period. The maintaining cost will be less with sturdier furniture. Construction and the looks might lead you to suffer if cost-cutting is your plan in this section. 

Inappropriate Furniture 

Don’t buy furniture that is bulky compared to your living room design. Always consider the space management for the furniture you buy. Measure the size and scale of your spaces before buying furniture. If you have enough space then integrated or sleek furniture will be best. Simple furniture ideas are not look gorgeous in a specious space. Many make this mistake while compact dwelling or measuring.

 Insufficient Lighting 

Low matter how well you decorate your home inadequate lighting may ruin the look of your home. For the solution of lighting insufficiency you can assemble multiple layers or different heights. Especially the kitchen needs more lighting. Layered lighting will make your house interior design looks well-lit. 

Too Much Decoration

The very common mistake many make that they try to decorate all walls and corners of home. This looks messy instead of picturesque. Try to focus a point and arrange decor accessories that suits perfect. 

Decorating mistakes can ruin the aesthetical view of your home. Remember these common mistakes and avoid them to make your home look gorgeous.

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