When it comes to revamping a space, DIY Room Decor can go a long way. And you don’t necessarily have to be artistic or craftsy to get things done. It’s all about using what you’ve already got with only a few additional items.

The DIY decor home ideas can include inexpensive accessories and redesigning a space according to the space available. Making the presentation work is essential as it would affect the theme you pick.

If you’re on a budget but want to decorate your room for a whole new look, you’ve come to the right place.

DIY home Decor isn’t only about getting the right material for decoration, but also concerns the presentation. The way you arrange the items has an impact on how they look.

1. Stick to one theme for room decor

When thinking of DIY decor, you may be tempted to try new things. And while it’s okay to experiment, moving away from the main theme can make your room look inconsistent.

Here are a few common wall Decor Inspiration that can help you make swift design decisions:

  • Bohemian (colorful)
  • Modern and sleek
  • Traditional and classic
  • Playful and bubbly
  • Black and white
  • Nature-inspired

There could be as many themes as you like. The above only covers a few, so the best way to permanently pick a theme is to look at what you love the most.

2. Use vertical spaces for decoration

Adding more furniture ideas to your room can be expensive. And more so, it could even appear bulky. So get shelves that you could easily install from the bottom to top or vice versa.

For tiny and cramped spaces, there’s nothing better than going vertical. If you have a lot of books, you can install invisible bookshelves. They are not as expensive as classic tall shelves and your books will appear like they’re floating.

But if you want more flexibility, get hanging shelves built in the vertical orientation and keep live plants to beautify your room ideas.

3. Add string lights

String lights come in many variations. You can pick from small bulbs to large ones, and have a range of colors to choose from, even though golden or yellow is the most basic and blends in well with any space.

You can arrange them in any way you like. The lights look splendid against translucent curtains, or you could make a shape out of these lights. For a more personalized approach, you could even make your initials out of the string and tape them to the wall.

4. Use mason jars

While mason jars make amazing vases, you can try out many things with them. Here are a few awesome ideas:

  • Wrap the jars in paper doilies. You can easily cut out construction paper to resemble stencils.
  • Use leftover yarn or thread to tie around the neck of the jars. It could make the vessels look more bohemian or classy.
  • Make a tiny garden idea in your mason jars. Think about adding some soil and covering it with tiny pebbles, and small house sculptures.

Pro-tip: Combine mason jars and string lights. Cover the containers with translucent paper f your favorite color. Let a few bulbs hang fall into the jars whilst hanging and watch your colorful DIY lighting ideas come to life!

5. Only use small accents and home decor accessories

Larger pieces could look overwhelming. Even if you have a lot of space, going for smaller wall decor items can help you bring in more variety. If you’re fond of paintings and sculptures, think of getting them in small sizes. They’ll be more affordable and allow space for the main furniture in your room.

6. Use printed items

Does your room lack patterns? You can add texture by adding printed items. For this purpose, you may even consider recycling paper from old magazines and newspapers for this purpose.

Cut out strips from old rags and papers, bring them together to create colorful and spontaneous patterns by using them as a collage.

7. Pin personal things to a wall/soft board

What is a DIY home room design or wall decor without adding a few of your memories to the mix? Pick your favorite photos and get their prints developed at instant sizes. You could go bigger too, but small prints look more personal, affordable, and fit into any scene at all.

Instead of making a mess by pasting photos on the wall, buy a soft board. They come in a range of sizes, so you can find one that’s appropriate for you depending on the free space.


Affordable DIY room decor is all about combining what you already have with a few additional items. The wall decor arrangement is also key, so choose one that doesn’t take much space horizontally. Make use of all the above tips but adhere to a single theme for a consistent mood. Which of the suggestions are you eager to try first? Let us know!

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