Eating the right foods for good health has become the best way for wellness. But, when it comes to the immune system, some people’s immune systems still look to positively respond even after using vitamin c or some slices of oranges.

According to health experts, there’re several other reliable options you can pick from to boost your immune system. We’ve collected blog about food, and three leading ingredients RDs that are also great during the flu and cold season. Here are some things that are beneficial for yourImmune Boosting.


When it comes to boosting the immune system, ginger is the best option that’s loaded with antibacterial elements and is ideal for boosting our immune health. The functional components in it improve antioxidants properties resulting in betting health, particularly when fighting inflammation problems.

Ginger has the great ability to decrease oxidation and can assist to modulate the immune response. Studies have shown that it helps to prevent nausea and will ease an upset stomach.

The ingredients efficiently lower LDL cholesterol and decrease oxidation for better boosting our immune system. Because ginger provides several advantages including boosting our immune system it’d be incorporated into your meal. It can be consumed dried, fresh, preserved, pickled as a powder, or as a juice.

Yerba Mate

Having a diet plan loaded with antioxidants is one of the best methods to main a strong and healthy immune system. To fight off germs in the office, or at school, you might wish to add a highly powerful food known as Argentine Yerba Mate.

This super healthy food provides more antioxidants and a higher level of polyphenol substances than green tea and your body will need even much more of these molecules during the cold and flu season. Also, dry cold air and spending a lot of time in indoor areas will contribute to the spreading of diseases.

Yerba Mate contains Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium for a healthy and stronger immune system. This is a bit warm, soothing drink that can be sipped during the day if you’re feeling somewhat under the cold harsh weather.

You can also mix it with cashew milk for a bit sweeter texture in the morning or whipped into a fresh energy-boosting smoothie to keep you going in the afternoon time.


Though there have been a number of studies conducted on elderberries, none are 100 percent conclusive. It has been consumed as a remedy for flu and colds for several years and is associated with immune boosting advantages.

It is very high in antioxidants such as vitamin C and flavonoids and looks to have antiviral effects. Flavonoids in elderberry are in the polyphenolic family. Studies have also shown to have a good antiviral effect in rats. 

More studies are needed but a few researches on humans have shown some extraordinary results. One study was based on sixty people who had cold and flu symptoms and took elderberries in diet plan 2 times a day and saw incredible relief from the flu symptoms couple of days earlier than those who did not.

While blueberries are perfectly safe to ingest elderberry extract or syrup, do not go out and choose elder berries eat them directly, they must be cooked at first. 

For the best outcomes, buy organic top quality extract or syrup. Also, do not expect a spoonful of elderberry syrup to aid you out; you would have to consume a lot more than that. You’d have other problems such as lack of sleep, chronic stress; consider that before drawing a final decision. That said, adding elderberries to your diet plan could be a great strategy worth looking into!

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