According to the statistic released by YouTube, around five hundred hours of content is uploaded every single minute. While if we talk about the daily content, Everyday content up to 12thousands hours are uploaded to YouTube daily. Almost everything is explained on YouTube and has different videos on each topic. So, if you have just created your YouTube channel and uploaded content without proper research. All your efforts are in vain. As there is a lot of competition on every keyword on YouTube. So, the question is how to promote the YouTube channel?  Multiple free and paid techniques are available for YouTube channel promotion. In today’s article, we will discuss, how to discuss, how to promote YouTube channels for free. We are sharing some important tips and tricks for the promotion of the YouTube channel.

Content Creation

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine after Google.  People search for different things on YouTube. To get enough views and be able to appear in search engines, the first thing is to create quality content. Make sure that the content is well researched and quality based. If you create quality content, people will love and like your videos. Also, people will share it with other people and use it as a reference. So, quality content creation is the best and free tool to promote YouTube channels.

Search Engine Optimization 

Whether it is YouTube, Google, or any other search engine. Search Engine optimization has a key role. When you post content to a search engine. It is important to have an understanding of the Search engine. That is how the search engine works to crawl the data. Proper SEO helps you to make your content available on the search engine when a user search for it.

When a user searches for something on YouTube, it is a keyword. When you are creating a video, always create it on a single keyword. For YouTube, you can use a keyword research tool called This tool helps you to give the combination best Keyword for your specified niche in YouTube. 

The next step in Search engine optimization is to properly use the keywords in title, description, and tags. When someone looking for a specific Keyword, the video will be available.

Channel Setup

Channel setup plays important role in promoting your channel. Make sure that your channel is complete in all aspects. Most people skip this step, but this is a very important step. Make sure you complete all information required in the profile. Create an eye-catching Profile and channel Art for your channel. You can write concise and eye-catching Titles and descriptions. It will help the viewer to easily memorize the channel names. Besides this, you can link your YouTube channel to different social websites such Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. It will engage more audience and will help to increase the views and subscribers.

Video Description and Mata Data

To Promote the YouTube channel for free, it is important to include Mata Data and description with your video content. When you write a detailed description with your video, including related hashtags and Mata Data, It will let the YouTube algorithm, to view the right users. It is worth mentioning to take special care of the categories and Tags. While uploading content makes sure you are using a catchy title for your content as well as you have included the keyword after specific order.

Thumbnail for video

A thumbnail is a type of image that is placed at the start of the video.  When the video is not uploaded, the thumbnail will be shown to the viewers. It is always recommended to use eye-catching, beautiful, and interesting thumbnails for your videos. It will increase your audience and views. While creating a custom thumbnail for your video, follow the instructions.  Such as maintaining the aspect ratio of 16:9. The size must be list than 2Mb. Make sure that it consists of your channel log and clear texts.

Social Media Promotion

YouTube is also a video-based social media platform.  while every person has engagement on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Sharing your YouTube channel link or video link on other social media platforms can engage more audience. this promotes your YouTube channel for free. 

Besides the above-mentioned technique, you can partner with other channels, creating a playlist. Setting up live sessions, contests, and Give away sessions. It will engage more users and audience. As a result, it will promote YouTube channel for free.

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