Do the rooms in your house interior design look dull? decorate your space with artworks is an easy way to beautify any room. After all, renovating a room isn’t a choice that many people have. But how can you select the right artworks? What makes your preference in art different from others?

Decorating Ideas with art is easy if you begin with a theme. Select artworks based on color, genre, size, or more. Make one piece stand out among the rest for a well-balanced space. Art arrangements also depend on the space of the wall and size of the works, as well as the framing and synchronization between the pieces.

Cutting short, here are 5 tips on decorate your space to make your Wall art paintings and photography decoration easy and swift.

1. Align your moods and home theme with art

Art is more than just colors and textures brought together. It gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and portray your personality the way you love it.

If that sounds tricky, here are a few ways to filter artworks for your Home Décor Ideas:

  • Pick out artworks with your favorite color.
  • Select subjects that fascinate you. These could be landscapes, portraits, animals, abstract art, and so on. You only need to choose one genre and adhere to it.
  • Have a favorite artist? Select paintings by them or you could also hang art study prints from their sketchbooks.
  • Use your own personality as inspiration.

Every stroke or mark you see has some meaning behind it.

2. Set a focal point in the room

You can have as many artworks as you like in a room. But it’s best if one of them stands out, otherwise, every piece will fight for attention. The space could look cramped and your viewers or guests might end up confused, not knowing where to look specifically.

It could also mess up with the vibes of the room, so think about which subject and media you love the most in art. Typically, the focal point of the room takes away the spotlight, so it’s either a bigger artwork or something completely apart from the rest of the pieces, like having a different color palette.

3. Experiment with different frame styles

Silver? Gold? Bronze? Wood? You may feel confused with so many framing options. To make selection easier, think about whether your home leans more toward modern interior design or traditional. That would also help you decide between a designed frame or a simple one, as contemporary framing leans more towards the sleek and simple side.

For older looks, metallic and embossed frames are the best. So if you’re buying unframed artworks, the framing you select will also influence the overall look of the room. You could buy framed artworks too, whatever you find easier – but with the former, you could have more flexibility and personalization.

4. Space on your wall vs the size of your art

Make your art arrangement better by planning out. For inspiration, look at wall spaces of official art galleries online. Take accurate measurements of the width and length of your wall, and calculate your budget too.

All those factors will help you buy the art you need, without overspending. And you would also get artworks just the right size, as you would be aware of the quantity you need for your space.

5. Pick a set of artworks

Why pick one artwork when you can have plenty? That’s right: You should go for a set of 2, 3, or maybe even more. The advantages are pretty simple:

  • You can get beautiful Design Inspiration with varying colors. This helps add interest and variety to an all-white room in particular.
  • Getting a set of small artworks is good for vertical arrangement. If you have more space vertically rather than horizontally, you could easily hang two to three pieces in the vertical orientation. You could even get wall-hanging art plagues that are joined together via ropes.

Pro-tip: Even if the piece you’re buying doesn’t come in a set, you could choose artworks of similar sizes, color, texture, and themes. However, doing this could take more time but if you’re a keen art lover and buyer, it could be more rewarding.


decorate your space with this detailed guide. Start by picking a theme that also resonates with your personality and the existing mood of the room. You must think about the piece that would serve as the spotlight in your space, as well as the framing of the works and the dimensions of the walls themselves.

Remember that when it comes to decorating walls, you have an array of options available in art and photography. So look at as many genres as you can, to see what works best for you and your interiors!

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