In art and design, purple has been the color of royalty since ancient times. It is a blend of red and blue, thus giving room for the balance it needs. Rooms with purple walls can lean toward warm or cool depending on the hue of purple being used.

Purple can be added to rooms via Home Décor Ideas or as the main color on walls and accents. Some of the most common purple hues are wisteria, aubergine, red-violet, amethyst, and pastel purple.

But along with the above, we’ll explore quite a few more shades and tones of purple with the following 12 room ideas!

Incorporating purple into existing designs

1. Room with white walls and purple ceiling

A neutral color always looks good with any other Living Room ideas. If you love white for the walls in your room, you can add color to the ceiling. This could be a deep dark purple or even a pastel one – the effect would depend on whether you want to go lighter or darker with the ceiling.

2. Purple bedding with complementary color walls

For bedrooms, purple bedsheets and home decor accessories can instantly introduce this royal color in a little overwhelming way.

3. White walls with delicate purple elements

Suppose you want to keep your space all-white. Now, who do you add purple to the scene permanently without going overboard?

4. Purple floral wallpaper

Floral wallpapers can give any room an instant vintage charm and appeal. They look fresh, so why not?

5. Purple with or in the form of nature

What is a room without nature? Whether it’s a Living Room Design, bedroom, or any other type of space, it could benefit from plants and flowers. You can even add purple

6. Use patterns in various home decor

Adding patterns of various colors can help boost your purple room. Think of adding accents and home decor in stripes, dots, or even irregular and spontaneous patterns like abstract designs.

Decorating Ideas according to various purple colors

6. Balance different purple hues

Who says you can only have one type of purple color in your room? You can mix several colors together. For smaller rooms, try pastel purple for the walls, as light tones could help make the space look bigger.

7. Match the color of bedding with bedroom walls

You can even make color choices in the opposite way. Choose a specific set of purple colors and buy bedding material that only falls in this palette.

8. Lilac and lavender

If you want your purple room to look soft and feminine, lilac and lavender are the best hues to go with. Since they are light on the eyes, they can make the space look more open and comfortable too. Note that adding extremely dark colors to the scheme may increase the contrast too much. If you want to add neutral colors with lilac and lavender, it’s best to avoid black and simply choose whites and grays instead.

9. Dark purple with light gray

Deeper, darker shades of purple are perfect for an elegant and luxurious look. And when you add gray to the combination, it only becomes all the more mysterious.

10. Indigo

Do you love a cool purple that leans towards blue? Try combining it with other blue or cool colors such as navy blue to add contrast and interest. You can also combine light tones and dark shades of indigo if you want to go monotone.

11. Amethyst

Gemstone colors can freshen up any room with their cool essence. And amethyst is that one stone known mainly for its purple, in addition to the green. To make things more interesting, you can add a tint of pale green for a completely modern interior design  amethyst look.

12. Plum

Do you love going dark and are inclined toward the red side of the spectrum? Then the deep plum is the most fitting purple hue for you. When adding plum to the walls, expect a rich and luxurious look. It could get overwhelming,

Recap: Purple bedrooms

Purple rooms can evoke all types of moods and emotions. From soft and feminine to deep and luxurious, you get to choose from a variety of hues.

Remember that purple doesn’t have to be plain. For instance, you could have it in the form of stripes, polka dots, or even more types of patterns. There’s truly no end to Design Inspiration ideas, especially when it comes to purple rooms. It’s a color that’s diverse – so what do you think of the house interior design and decoration ideas above? Let us know!

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