Smart technology at home is no longer a dream. Whether you have a large bungalow or a small apartment, home monitoring could benefit everyone alike.

And it’s not only about keeping an eye on the various rooms in your home but also about reporting environmental changes and controlling appliances from the comfort of an app.

The Elgato EVE home monitoring system combines a variety of smart devices designed for the home. These include features related to doors and windows, water, smoke, energy, weather, and room. This suite combines sensors in six various niches to deliver an all-rounded smart home experience.

How does the Elgato EVE home monitoring system work?

This intelligent home monitoring system uses Bluetooth LE technology to send data gathered by the sensors to your device. Of course, the smart app works well in the way that it remains synchronized.

Before we begin to explore the full features of this suite, it’s best to know that the corresponding app can only be used with iOS. So if you have an iPad or iPhone, you’re good to go, however, there is no update yet as to whether or not it would be available for Android.

Now let’s move on to how the Elgato EVE home monitoring system shows your home at a glance.

1. Doors and windows

We can all get forgetful when it comes to doors and windows. Leaving them open can be a huge security threat or even animals could come in, which could be particularly critical if you’re living in the wild.

2. Water

How much water do you end up using? This home monitoring suite can help you manage the water supply levels at your home.

  • Set up schedules for automatic and sufficient watering of the garden.
  • Detect water leaks or other issues such as low pressure.
  • Allow the sensors to work out the levels of water needed in different scenarios.

All in all, you would also be able to manage the usage better – be it for the dishwashers, washing machines, or showers and bathtubs.

3. Smoke

Think of the smoke sensor just like any other classic fire alarm. It’s best to install this sensor in a place where you think a fire could most probably break out in the future, like the kitchen, for instance. Keeping a particular location doesn’t mean that the sensor can’t detect fire from a distance, but it may slightly delay the reporting if you’re living in a huge mansion.

4. Energy

The Eve smart plug and power meter is the perfect combination of control and savings.

How much electricity is being consumed? This sensor could also help you determine your actual needs, ultimately cutting down the costs of your electricity bill.

  • Pair with smart appliances to put them on autopilot mode.
  • Use an app to turn on the lights while you’re away at night – giving your home the extra security edge it needs.
  • Comes with a wireless motion detector, which means everything in your home will automatically turn off if nobody is around.

And there could be other uses as well, depending on your electricity needs and how much space there is in your home.

5. Weather

What’s the temperature? And the humidity? Well, allow the EVE-connected weather station to be your forecaster and reporter.

Here are a few features of this intelligent sensor:

  • Gives you microclimate data: Detecting climate patterns over the year for repetitions. This results in information based on learned knowledge for the device, which can be different for everyone.
  • Install it in any place outside, since it’s water-resistant.
  • Has an elegant display combining temperature, humidity, and is a classic symbol for weather trends.

Note that although this is for the outdoors, it could give you some knowledge of the indoors too. Room temperatures could change throughout the day, depending on how hot or cold it is outside.

6. Room

Speaking of rooms, when it comes to the indoors, one of the most important factors is the air quality and pressure. With the Elgato EVE home monitoring system, you can expect to get full knowledge of the air pollution within your home.

Extra tip: Rooms with poor air quality can lead to diseases. One way to improve it is to have air-purifying plants inside your home.


The Elgato EVE home monitoring system is a great fit for anyone. The suite of sensors could help you manage water and supply levels better, detect critical issues like smoke, alteration in weather conditions, use and control energy smartly, and so on. If you’re forgetful, you can also bid farewell to often leaving doors and windows open. So get one for yourself today and revolutionize your experience of technology at home!

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