Traveling alone can open up a few of the most memorable and magical experiences in your life.

Traveling india trip along pushes you outside your comfy zone to incredible things you’d have never imagined doing if you were with a family member or a group of buddies. But, on the other hand, traveling alone is self-expanding in the most confronting and powerful ways.

Without any doubt, traveling solo can be a little scary at first, but all you do for the 1st time is scary. So, let not discourage us.

From your very 1st day at school to your 1st driving lesson, getting rid of this fear can lead you to gain valuable and adventure-packed experiences.

 Here I am going to share with you the best india trip solo travel blog tips that’ll help you to stay safe:

Choose a destination wisely 

It is a must for you to learn about your best tourist places in world, and safest places and if there’re spots you’d avoid. Check the safest tracks to take and best-in-class public transportation.

Knowing about the destination you are visiting can assist you in picking lodgings with excellent safety ratings.

If possible for you, book a hotel room in holiday places in india above the ground floor but not far away from the lobby. And most importantly, when you check in, always keep your door locked with a security chain fastened, and do not answer anybody on the door if you’re not expecting visitors or hotel staff.

Don’t overpack 

It is pretty easy to overpack, and this is particularly true for ladies. In most cases, we end up not using half of the outfits we packed. So if you plan on spending the full day in 1 place, you might as well bring whole in just in case items you want.

But if you plan on moving around, it is a great idea to bring fewer dresses and plan to wash them along the way. You might also want to cut down on makeup and toiletries. Of course, if you realize there is something you need, you can always purchase it.

Don’t get drunk 

If you are traveling solo, never let yourself get drunk. Be aware of your surroundings. You should not take drinks from people in general; they might be drug-induced.

You can enjoy and have fun but do so with a group you know well. For example, do not go to a bar alone and drink. People might notice you’re alone, and if you need help, who’d you go to?

Stay in Public

There’ll be times when it is unavoidable, such as driving a quiet route alone or going to the restroom for the public. Still, the main thing to bear holiday places in india in mind is to avoid itinerant from public areas into unchartered spots, particularly in busy places.

This includes taking an abandoned back street short route in its place of sticking to the busy way or being leg by an unknown into a quiet spot rather than staying where everyone sees you.

Staying where everyone can see you quickly and hear you when needed will keep you safe. It is also a good idea to learn some local language words. That’ll help you to chat with locals and also know to ask for help when needed.

Stay in touch with your loved one. 

Plan your trip carefully and inform your loved ones about each place, address, and area you’ll explore. Give them contacts details of every place you plan to study or stay at, a person you’ll probably keep in contact with, and your phone number. 

Stay in touch with them at a particular hour of the day to make sure you are safe and enjoying your stay.

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