Internet is becoming the need of every age group for Home Automation. Whether you are a ten-year-old kid, a 25-year-old lady, or a fifty-year-old person. Smartphones and other internet-enabled devices are an important part of their life. Besides personal use internet has become an important part of our daily life activities. Today we will discuss the use of the internet of things in our daily life. Most people don’t what the internet of things actually means.  Internet of things is defined as the combination of technologies that enable different devices with the internet india news technology. Today we will discuss the use of the internet of things in smart homes. 

Internet of things covers multiple aspects of any smart Home Automation. Some common parts that we will discuss in our article are Lighting systems in the home, Doors and Windows, daily usage appliances, Temperature measuring devices, outdoor gardens, etc. to experience home automation using IOT we will need to integrate software, hardware, different type of sensors as wells as internet architecture india news technology.

Manage Your garden via IoT Sensors

Gardens or lawns are one of the important parts of any home.  You can grow different plants according to your choice. home automation using IoT can be applied to gardens and laws. As we know that in-home automation, we will integrate different sensors, software, and hardware with internet architecture news technology india. The same can be applied to the garden also. For this purpose, you will need to install different types of IoT sensors. These sensors will detect the temperature of the surrounding. And using this data you will be able to know about the dryness of garden soil. Data collected on the base of the IoT sensor will activate the irrigation system. the process does not stop here. It will continue until the specific humidity level in the soil is achieved. Besides this, the IoT sensor also detects the height of plants such as grass height or any other plant, etc. which will activate lawn movers automatically two cut the grass.

Manage your doors and windows

Home automation using IoT enables you to manage your doors and windows remotely. Smart doors are commonly used. If you are entering your home in your vehicle a specific RFID chip installed in your vehicle communicates with the automatic door system. And when the protocol matches, the door is automatically opened. Similarly, if someone else wants to enter your home, the protocol will in the automatic door lock system not match, and hence the door will remain close. The automatic door system in the home automation using IoT saves your time as well as ensures security. Similarly, if you are entering on foot, the facial recognition system will identify you and open the door. In the case of the intruder, it will remain close.

Just like the doors windows are also smarter. The IoT sensors installed in the windows detect sunset and sunrise. It also detects the intensity of the sunlight. As a result, it either completely or partially shut off the shutters and Curtains. Besides this depending upon the humidity sensor installed it completely shut off in case of rain.


Home automation using IoT is also used for lighting. Smart home with IoT sensors controls the complete lighting system. When you enter the home, it will light up the lights. And when you are leaving, the lights will be automatically switched off. Besides this, the IoT sensor installed manages your home lighting system by scheduling switch ON/OFF as well as controlling the intensity of light. The IoT-enabled light system detects you when you are watching a movie, the light gets dim.

Monitor room temperature 

The IoT-enabled smart home automation system enables you to monitor your surrounding temperature.  The IoT sensors detect the surrounding temperature and collect data. Based on the data action is taken. If you need a higher temperature, it activates the heater and warms the room and other interior space. If you want to get a lower temperature, it activates AC to cool down the environment. You don’t need to take any action, the smart home automation using IoT perform these actions automatically.

Smart controls

Besides the above-mentioned tasks, the smart home enables IoT to perform a lot of other jobs. Like you can switch off any type of appliance remotely, play and control music, Switch on And Off TV, and a lot more things. The IoT-enabled smart home has a feature of fire and smoke detection. In short, the internet news technology india of things enables us to manage our home tasks in a smart way as well as protect us from natural accidents and hazards.

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