Wine tastes differ person to person for its variation. Many of the drinkers like the old-school Sauvignon and others like the new trendy Vineyards. We consider that Wine Regions should be wider for the oenophiles. Discovering new varieties and regions are the task we have done for the collectors and casual drinkers. 

We put some of the top tier wine bottles that made the retailing huge itself already. It offers unique taste of the specific regions that is little bit difficult to find. Still many of them are using old-style production process for making red wine to orange wines. These wines are considered as very complex for the price variety and also for its flavor. We have shortened the list for the drinkers to jump on.

Noussa, Greece

Greece is in this wine industry for a long time and many believe that they produce a quality wines at incredible low rates. Many high quality wines like blue red wine and blue zones were popular here from the past. As the blue zones was gained worldwide interest. Ikaria is also famous for having heart health benefits.

The naoussa’s red wine is believed to be blessed by the Greek god of wine. Greeks believe that the god of wine have been born in the beautiful village of Paros, that is why it is the golden land of red grape production. These grapes produce excellent quality wine rich of tannic, acidic and juicy flavour.

Kakheti, Greece

Kakheti is one of the best traditional Wine Regions producing region which late by the Georgian vintners. It is considered to be the oldest wine region in history. Georgia’s more than two thirds wine grapes are supply from Kakheti. Wine making methods are ancient which takes several months to prepare. In Kakheti white grape and green apples are used to make spicy and acidic wines.


Cheese and chocolate might be the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name Switzerland. This is why Switzerland only exports 2% of its wine production. The largest wine region in Switzerland located besides Geneva Lake. The vineyards which is a world heritage site were announced because its pride Swiss wine production. This offers delicate white wine rich with Minerals which is a beat spicy. The only way you get this wine by visiting the country.


Canada also produces great wine that mostly Emerges from beautiful Okanagan Valley. It is very diverse that attracts the drinkers from all over the world. Okanagan Valley is known for Chardonnay kind of organic wine.


The central coast city of California is beginning to deliver incredible wines lately. More than 200 wineries grow grapes in this region. It is also famous for Making Cabernet Sauvignon.

Alsace, France

Everyone knows France is known as rich wine production region. The Burgundy, Loir valley, Rhone Valley, Bordeaux are well known wine from France. Alsace is in the border of France and it provides one third of the wine production among all other French region. Top rated wineries, cuisines are producing incredible Wine Regions that you make you think twice to buy.

South Africa

It is one of the most emerging wine producing regions. Mesmerizing vino wines are produced in Stellenbosch destination. Another fast-growing wine production region is Hemel-en-Aarde. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir is also famous here. More than 10 wineries produce mind blowing Pinot Noir which are come in varieties.


Slovenian border near to Italy called Goriska brada is one of the most under rated region for high quality wine production. It produces white wine at a great amount. Orange wine and red wines also plenty in here. Unique tastes of these wines are getting popularity across the world’s Wine Regions.

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