Can you recall the last time you went on vacation and fell in love with only one piece from your hotel room? Yeah, we understand; we’re in the same boat. You would like to bring it from that location’s decor into your home every time you travel. 

We all know the story, whether it’s about the comfortable mattress that provided you with the best rest and sleeps or the elegant sconce that is beautifully set alight in the bathroom. What about specific wall art that you wish you could fit into your suitcase? It’s all right; we’ve all been there at some point in our lives, or perhaps many times, who knows?

Here I have shared a list of hostel décor items that guests would really want to keep, so take a look.

A Rolling Cart:

The most striking item of a hotel is maybe a sleek three-shelf brass and glass bar cart. We’re sure a lot of visitors or guests are attracted by such entities. A rolling cart is fully stocked with everything they’ll need to make a refreshing beach cocktail. As some of you may know, if you’re a bar-cart fan, the accessories are the icing on the cake.

An Adjustable Bed:

A hotel bed that could be brought up or lowered into various sleeping positions is uncommon. Guests who stay in such an adjustable bed say they wake up feeling less achy—and you can’t set a price on that!

Eco-Friendly Countertop:

Guests commonly inquire about the bathroom quartz countertops created from recycled oyster shells, which are sourced sustainably. They’ll be singing under the sea to these stunning works of art in no time. 

Modern Wall Sconce:

The mid-century modern confronts Scandinavian concept silver leaf sconces are a favorite among guests which you may see in numerous hotels. Unlike most lights, which cast harsh shadows, these wall scones use an inner light that reflects off over a metal backplate to create moody lighting that complements the room.

Stunning Pieces of Wall Art:

The massive colorful wall art such as an ocean print or any other that includes an entire wall in the rear of bed in the guest rooms dazzles visitors. This type of photo print brings nature’s beauty to the home—even if you can’t really afford your fabulous dream house.

A Calming Mist: 

In some hotels, guests are welcomed with a fascinating towel immersed with a crystal-based room spray at check-in, and the fragrance is diffused throughout their rooms during the downturn. The mist is infused with cedarwood, lavender, ylang-ylang, and crystals and is created with 100 percent pure curative grade essential oils.

Cashmere Throw:

The soft feel of warming blankets, which folds over each bed in every guest room, has guests raving. There’s nothing like encasing yourself in lambswool for curling, reading a book, or sitting next to a bonfire on cool winter evenings.

Beautiful Dust Bin:

Who says a trash can has to resemble a garbage can? The way a simple-yet-sleek, hand-fabricated marble waste container dresses up the décor of the hotel bathroom is a hit with visitors. And they definitely want to bring such a unique item with them.


So, this was all about the hostel décor items that attract the visitors most, and they wish to bring home. I have mentioned a list of such items, including a rolling cart, an adjustable bed, modern wall scones, countertops, a beautiful dust bin, and many others. 

I hope this guide will help you update your knowledge and add such items in your hotel room to please the gusts if you are a hotel owner.