Valentine’s Unique Gift Ideas for kids usually start and end with chocolates or candy. Because the love indulgences for the kids can be expressed by the chocolates. Chocolates are favorites to almost all kids and kiddos are meant to be given the sweetest option chocolate every time. But in this time of year we can sort out other gifts which will be really useful for kids. 

So, i like to share Unique Gift ideas for kids without chocolate in this valentine. Stepping out of chocolate options is not that easy to deal with. Instead you might have to find gifts that are really useful to kids. 

It might be special occasion and we have to arrange something special for this occasion. Valentine’s Day gift could be different of types for the kids. 

Personalized Keepsake  

A keepsake is something that can be new or old. You can gift it to anyone including kids where they can keep small gifts. Usually the closest people in life give the keepsake as gift. Kids often have hobbies to have keepsakes. It is a very practical present and easy to find. Just put some things into the keepsake what they will love. 

Hope Chests

Many families like to do hope chests. It is a real chest that is filled with special gifts, useful items and keepsakes for future. A hope chest is a piece of traditional furniture. Young women used it to collect items in the past. Sometimes bigger things are kept in the hope chest. Usually, hands made goods are kept through generation and sometimes latters. May be it will be the starting of your family to keep a hope chest. If your kid is little, then there is smaller hope chest available. 

An Experience

For kids this is the best Unique Gift Ideas option in my view. If you leave a memorable experience for your kid then it might be the best memory of their life. Remember to give something like an exciting or educative experience for your kids. You can take your kid to a tour or make their wish fulfilled. This is the month of love and don’t forget to do something special. 

Personalized Book 

It is a great idea to have a personalized book for your children. They like to see their face and read their names on the book. If you give this cool present to any children they will definitely remember you for a long time. Personalized books could be printed just for your kids. Traditional personalized books were hand written and have pictures glued on them. Now there are available personalized book printing facilities. 

A Hand Written Letter

In this digital world hand written letter become old fashioned and lost its appeal. May be for this reason you should try it. A hand written letter contains the memories of every stroke of pen. Each word and every paper will carry a long lasted memory.

A digital message lost quicker than physical letters.

Open When Letters

An open when letter is a series of letters. Usually these letters contain instructions. Kids might find this exciting because the recipient have to follow the instruction of when to open the letters. This letters are more personalized compared to the Informal letters. The recipient has specific instructions which are a mix feeling. 

Personalized Photo Gifts

Personalized photo gifts depend on your choice. There is variety of options to choose from. You could print specific photo on T-shirt, phone case, put into a decorative frame. There are many services available which will provide you customized and professional looking picture gift. 

I hope these Unique Gift Ideas will draw a good attention of your kid. Traditional chocolate gifts became monotonous which i avoided in this article. Hopefully your kids will be introduced with a new gift idea in this holiday. 

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