The wedding is over, and you are now looking forward to celebrating your new status on a honeymoon. To help you get the best postnuptial entrance, here is a collection of various destinations to give you an unforgettable experience: 

Le Sirenuse, Positano 

 For almost a century, this family business has been an attraction to movie stars. It features a stunning interior with a tile floor. Additionally, it has balconies and amazing views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The romance Champagne Bar and Grill has twinkling lights of Positano and a local Dj playing jazz. You’ll also be entertained with chilled-out tunes. I’m sure these soothing tunes will make you sip a French 77 and slurp down oysters. On top of that, this honeymooner’s destination has a vintage wooden boat for you to sail up and down the coast. 

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello

Located at Ravello, Belmond Hotel Caruso allows you to enjoy enchanting sea views. It features frescoed ceilings, Moorish bridges, and an awesome infinity pool. Each room has a mosaic tiled floor. The hotel serves incredible Mediterranean specialties – enjoy the mouth-watering egg pasta with clams. 

Grace Santorini

This boutique spot’s architecture matches the modern and the ancient, with contemporary art touches, stylish furniture, and bright white everywhere. Additionally, there is a show-stopping infinity pool for individuals who may tear themselves away from their private dive pool. 

On top of that, you’ll be spoiled every morning with a full-course breakfast with Champagne.

Blue Palace 

Located on the northern coast of Crete, the Elounda fishing village is known for its exclusive beaches, noiseless beauty, and award-winning hotels. And among those incredible hotels is the blue palace. The blue palace is a 251 rooms hotel with bungalows embellished in a cream wood palette. While choosing, book one with private plunge pools facing out on Spinalonga Island and Crete Sea. Enjoy some relaxation experience at Elounda Island. Additionally, there are five other on-site restaurants. 

Ritz Paris

This was once referred to as “the most romantic hotel in the world” by Sophia Loren. And that’s true, especially the iconic property (Cocoa Chanel lived this place for 34 years) reopened in 2016 after the renovation. This was a $224 million renovation that took a 4-years period. 

The hotel features new additions, including Versailles – styled garden and the first channel in the world, Spa. Additionally, it has a red-carpet entrance, restored furniture, and the iconic Bar Hemingway, where you can still enjoy bartender Colin’s serendipity. 

A massive 4,200-acre estate located in Casole d’Elsa. Once hosted a castle, working farm, and 200 residents. But has now been transformed into a perfect honeymoon destination with a range of old-world charm. Many rooms are hosted in stone farmhouses. These rooms have beam ceilings, stone floors, and stylish windows framing the hills. The restaurant is known for its incredible combination of wood-fired pizzas and mozzarella. That’s not all. You can top up your pizza with a chandelier glass in Ristorante Tosca. At the same eating point, you can enjoy toothsome seafood dishes. Finalize your dinner by sampling a red straight from the local vineyard at Bar Visconti. 

The bottom line 

The lockdown has been lifted. You no longer need to imagine your honeymoon. You no longer have to imagine that you are in Europe with your soulmate. This is the time to take action and fulfill your dreams. It’s your time to express your affection and promises. But the destination is the key. Therefore, if you’ve been looking for the perfect destination for your honeymoon, the above resorts are the places to be. Don’t miss as you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.