Looking for the best locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Delhi of course has some of the best spots to click amazing pictures to get the best pre-wedding photos. But not many of us know about these locations, and wonder where to go for a pre-wedding shoot. In this article, I have come up with the seven best locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot. Let’s learn about these places in this article.

Locations In Delhi For Pre Wedding Shoot

1. Humayun’s Tomb

I would say that Humayun’s Tomb is one of the best locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot! It is a wonderful monument with beautiful white and red marble that serves as the perfect background. I’m sure it will serve as the best photographic spot for all the couples who want to click some of the best memorable photos. These Persian structures can add a unique and appealing look to all your photos, creating beautiful memories in the future, when you look at them!                                                                                                                                                                  

2. Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden is one of the most beautiful locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot, and suits those people who are nature lovers. Lodhi Garden is a serene place in the heart of Delhi, known for its lush greenery and historical monuments. The 90 acres of ancient tombs, detailed architecture, and flora of the park provide a beautiful backdrop for photographs. Lodhi Park’s natural beauty and architectural splendor make it a place good enough to capture love in every single photo!

3. Neemrana Fort

The majestic Neemrana Fort Palace is located on top of a hill and provides a royal setting for pre-wedding photoshoots. Its historic charm, beautiful views, and picturesque setting perfectly blend heritage and romance, making it one of the most beautiful locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot. The traditional architecture and stunning views of the fort are a beautiful canvas for couples to create pre-wedding memories!

4. Hauz Khas Fort

How about a place with ancient ruins and panoramic views of the lake to have a pre-wedding shoot? Well, the Hauzkhas Fort offers a unique blend of urban culture and historical significance The fort’s elevated balcony overlooks a serene lake, offering a peaceful and rural atmosphere. Doesn’t that sound like one of the most beautiful locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot? 

5. Agrasen Ki Baoli

Agrasen Ki Baoli is an ancient stepwell in Delhi, known for its architectural distinction and historical importance. There are about 103 red stone steps and arches that create a mysterious and dramatic atmosphere. The nature of Baoli makes it an ideal location for couples looking for a casual setting before a shoot.

6. Garden Of Five Senses

As the name suggests, The Garden of the Five Senses is not just a garden, but a place designed to stimulate all five senses. This garden is spread over 20 acres, and it features themed areas, Mughal gardens, ponds with water tanks, and contemporary art installations. The varied terrain of the park provides many scenic spots for pre-wedding portraits.

7. ITC Grand Bharat Hotel

If there is a hotel that perfectly reflects India’s rich heritage, it is the ITC ITC Grand Bharat. This hotel is built with unique architecture and interiors of the hotel reflect India’s rich heritage, making it an ideal setting for pre-wedding photos. The palatial villas, lush grounds, and elegant setting make ITC Grand Bharat a royal and stunning location to capture the moment before a wedding!

8. Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a haven for photographers and couples looking for the best pre wedding shoot with natural beauty! This sanctuary is spread over 4 square kilometers along the Yamuna River, it is a vibrant ecosystem home to a wide variety of birds. The sanctuary provides a backdrop of lush greenery and natural waters, making it one of the most beautiful locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot!

9. Yamuna Ghat

Yamuna Ghgat is one of the most beautiful locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot, known for its scenic beauty and peaceful flow of the river Yamuna. It offers a unique background for pre-wedding photography with beautiful birds and waters all around. The Ghat becomes the best place for photography in the morning with its soft morning colors. Moreover, it offers a blend of culture and nature so that couples can enjoy a series of shots with the changing colors of the sky!

10. The Rail Museum

The Railway Museum in Delhi is a treasure trove of history and nostalgia, with a collection of vintage trains and carriages. It is one of the most beautiful locations in Delhi for pre wedding shoot where India’s rail heritage grandeur offers a royal and unique atmosphere for photography.  The museum’s expansive grounds and greenery are the perfect canvas for capturing romance, and the sleek old-world locomotives add beauty to the photographs!

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