If you are looking for the top 10 NEET coaching centres in Tamilnadu, well, you will find them here. In order to achieve a good score on the NEET examination, it is very important to take ideas from the top 10 NEET coaching centres in Tamilnadu. If you really want to clear NEET, you need proper preparation, which requires proper guidance and focus.

The right NEET coaching in Chennai can make all the difference in your medical career. The right selection of institutes offers top-notch study facilities and unique teaching methods, which is what matters which will make achieving your goals. To help you ace the NEET exam, here are ten of the best NEET coaching institutes in Tamil Nadu.

1. Aakash Institute

With over 275 locations across the nation, Aakash brings its standardized coaching methodology to Chennai along with complete test materials. Aakash offers flexible and pleasant education thanks to its well-prepared labs and online learning portal. The regular determination counseling services make the transition easier for students and their families.

Students studying for competitive Level Examinations are regularly tested and assessed by Aakash Institute to ensure they are using clear and effective preparation techniques.

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It will cost you about  ₹18,499 for a one-year NEET coaching at Aakash Institute in Tamil Nadu. You can get in touch with the Aakash team using the contact details above to know the fee structure for various NEET programs and online batches as well.


Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Aakash Institute


2. ALLEN Career Institute

Founded in 1988, ALLEN has produced a wealth of toppers in manufacturing. Its rigorous test collection, doubt-clearing classes, and comprehensive review materials prepare students for the NEET examination. As a result of the institute’s competitive environment, students work together to excel, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual aid.

By motivating and guiding their students, Allen Career Institute emphasizes building an unbreakable foundation of concepts so that entrance examination candidates do not get bored.

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The Allen Career Institute has a lot of branches in Tamil Nadu. Among those, the branching Chennai is considered to be the best one. The fee for a one-year NEET coaching program is about ₹ 1,05,000.  Check the Allen Career Institute website to know the other centers and their locations in Tamil Nadu.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Allen Career Institute

3. Toppersacademy

The Institute focuses on delivering cutting-edge training methodologies to achieve the best results year after year in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the needs of students who wish to reach their life goals.

In the Medical Entrance Examination of NEET, Toppers Academy is at the top of the list due to its excellence in providing quality education to its students. Students choose it over other courses because it produces excellent work within the allotted time for preparation.

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Toppersacademy in Tamil Nadu charges about ₹1,10,000 for a NEET coaching program with a duration of one year.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Toppersacademy

4. Jupiter Academy

Jupiter Academy is known for its modern coaching methods and scholar-centric approach in Chennai’s NEET education firmament. Students are engaged and motivated by their visually stimulating mastering tools and awareness of software-oriented learning. Every scholar receives the help they need to excel with daily performance feedback and customized steering.

It is due to the unique teaching methods, which has made Jupiter Academy one of the top 10 NEET coaching centres in Tamil Nadu!

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073389 23999


The fee for a one-year NEET coaching program is about ₹1,20,000.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Jupiter Academy

5. VVT Coaching Centre

Founded in 2016, Jupiter Academy offers IIT-JEE, NEET, and Foundation classes in Chennai. They are guided throughout the course by an experienced team of experts to crack competitive exams and enter leading medical colleges and the top ten IIT colleges in India in the country.

Students receive updated study materials and question modules based on the exam pattern to brush up on their conceptual understanding.

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081221 22333



You will have to pay a fee of ₹70,000 at the time of joining or in installments for NEET coaching with a duration of one year.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – VVT Coaching Centre

6. Appolo Academy

Appolo is a unit of the Appolo Study Center, one of the pioneers in providing clinical training since 1992. As part of the teaching program, the instructor strives to prepare students for their tests and help them advance. Through training imaginative things in the long run, the master group of employees engages in various ways to make students learn all the important concepts.

By bringing education to a new level of innovation at Apollo Academy, faculty members engage students in a variety of ways to gain knowledge. Aside from NEET Coaching in Chennai, Apollo Academy offers foundation programs starting in eighth, ninth, and tenth grades.

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044 24412441

+91 9500704040

+91 9585704040



₹50,000 is charged by the Appolo  Academy for a one-year NEET coaching program. Get in touch with the academy to know about the hostel fee details.


Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Appolo  Academy


7. Stella Maris NEET Academy

This NEET coaching center in Tamil Nadu provides lectures in both English and Tamil. The institute is located in Trichy and has a branch in Chennai. Moreover, the Stella Maris Medical Foundation also offers online lectures for NEET aspirants to help students crack NEET easily and get to the best government and top ten private medical colleges in India. They also provide separate hostels for boys and girls. For medical entrance examinations, scholarship programs as well as crash courses are offered.

In addition to one year of online tuition for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics, Stella Maris Medical Foundation offers a one-year online course for students going to class XII in CBSE.

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Stella Maris NEET Academy charges about ₹75,000 for a one-year NEET course. If you want to avail the hostel facilities as well, it will cost you around ₹8,500.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Stella Maris NEET Academy

8. Career Success Academy

It was established in 1989 and has been providing quality education in various competitive exams such as JEE Main and Advanced, NEET, and numerous Olympiads since then. In order to prepare for competitive exams, aspirants can participate in a comprehensive and structured preparation program.

Over 500 students have been admitted to IIT and medical colleges with effective guidance and support, while more than 1000 have been hired by the Central and State governments. Students of classes 8-12 can choose between classroom and online courses at Career Success Academy Chennai according to their convenience.

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If you want to join a one-year NEET program at Career Success Academy, you will be charged around ₹55,000.  In case, you wish to join the institute for two years, the price doubles. Get in touch with the institute to know about discounts.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Career Success Academy

9. Smart Learning Centre

Smart Group’s vision is to cultivate excellence in the field of serious training. With its qualified, committed, and experienced staff, it motivates students to accomplish their goals.

There are two elements to Smart coaching in Tamil Nadu: Smart (Science and Mathematics Academy for genuine talents) and SMA (Smart Minds Academy as a substitute school).

A NEET Institute in Chennai has trained and experienced faculty members who inspire and build confidence in students in order to excel in the NEET examination.

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099622 10422



For one year of NEET coaching, the Smart Learning Centre charges ₹ 1,30,000 and can vary for other NEET courses. You can also get a 20% off by contacting the academy directly.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Smart Learning Centre

10. Focus Education

As a result of its twelve years of experience and exceptional coaching strategies, recognition training equips students with the skills they need to succeed. With different course levels, online instruction and virtual programs offer flexibility and accessibility. Every day, pre-recorded video classes are provided for revision of the already learned concepts.

In Chennai, Focus Education became a leading education center for NEET Training, AIIMS, and IIT-JEE exams.

Focus Education offers Foundation courses in Chennai that are designed for students at different levels of thinking.

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+91 81900 64877



₹60,000 is charged by Focus Education Institute for a one-year NEET course. If you wish to join a two-year NEET coaching program, it will cost you about ₹1,00,000. You can also avail scholarship from the institute by taking its entrance tests.

Top 10 NEET Coaching Centres In Tamilnadu – Focus Education