Are you looking for the best NEET coaching in Kanpur? Well, you can find them here! As a major industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur serves as an educational hub as well, attracting students from all over the country who strive to excel in medical entrance exams like NEET. The NEET exam determines students’ eligibility for admission to medical colleges, one of the most competitive exams in India.

If candidates are clear in their minds about what they want from the coaching institute, selecting the Best medical coaching in Kanpur isn’t a difficult task for them. This article will help you make the best choice for yourself by providing you with a few criteria.

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur

1. Aakash Institute

Kanpur’s Aakash Institute is a renowned coaching center for NEET preparation. It offers structured courses and regular mock tests to help students prepare for the NEET exam. In order to ensure that students succeed, Aakash provides comprehensive study materials and personalized attention.

Aakash Institute conducts special classes and provides the best medical coaching in Kanpur for clearing concepts and improving performance. They have highly qualified and experienced faculty members who bring out the best potential of the candidates.

Across India, Aakash Institute has 163 coaching centers, including 2 in Kanpur in LDA Colony, and Downtown.

Contact Details:

088000 13102

Fee structure:

For a year of NEET coaching at Aakash Institute, it will cost you about  ₹18,499

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Aakash Institute

2. Resonance

It was founded on 11th April 2001 by Mr. R.K. Verma, who is an IIT Madras graduate. Practice, persistence and performance are the brand’s objectives.

NEET coaching in Kanpur consists of 3-6 lectures per week for each subject, each lasting 90 minutes. In addition to internal tests, Resonance Eduventures also conducts internal tests on a weekly basis to help students prepare for the exam. In addition, they provide students with a topic-based question bank – MQB-I for objective questions and MQB-II for subjective questions – as well as a miscellaneous exercise at the end of MQB for practice.

Contact Details:

099351 90355

Fee structure:

Resonance charges ₹71000 for one year NEET coaching

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Resonance

3. Allen Career Institute

Aspirants who are eager to pursue a career in medicine will benefit from the ALLEN NEET Academy, the world’s leading online training platform for preparing for top medical entrance exams. Former coaching was established 20 years ago to bring the world’s best doctors to treat patients with expert knowledge skills for the NEET and IIT-JEE exam domains. Allen’s Neet offers regular education for these exams. and make sure that they enter the best medical colleges and top ten IIT colleges in India!

There is no better NEET coaching in Kanpur than Allen Career Institute. The institute offers a structured curriculum, and personalized training to track students’ progress. In order to succeed in the NEET exam, Allen emphasizes concept clarity and exam strategies.

Contact Details:


Fee structure:

For one year of NEET coaching, this institute charges ₹ 1,05,000

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Allen Career Institute

4. Toppers Academy

Toppersacademy has reached a new height in recent years, becoming the most talked-about institution in the city. It has been adapting to new technologies and incorporating them into its teaching in recent years with a great deal of ease. As the number one NEET Coaching Institute in Kanpur, Toppersacademy has proven itself over the years to be the best NEET Coaching Institute by providing the best facilities to every NEET aspirant.

There is no doubt that Toppersacademy is the best NEET coaching center in Kanpur, and students from all over the country choose it as their career guide. The academy is known for meeting all the needs of NEET aspirants. In addition to being highly experienced and specialized in their specific subjects, the faculty at Toppersacademy best NEET coaching in Kanpur are specialized and highly qualified.

Contact Details:



Fee structure:

₹1,10,000 for one-year NEET coaching

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Toppers Academy

5. Maxwell Institute

Founded in 2015, Maxwell Institute is one of the top coaching institutes in Kanpur that prepares students for NEET and other engineering entrance exams. With its quality education, Maxwell Institute stands out among other NEET coaching institutes in Kanpur.

As an effective NEET coaching center in Kanpur, Maxwell Institutes provides students with structured courses, experienced faculty, and regular assessments to prepare them for the exam. Students benefit from Maxwell Institute’s personalized attention and strategic exam preparation.

Contact Details:

098383 30088

Fee structure:

The Maxwell Institute charges ₹45,000 for NEET coaching with one year duration.

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Maxwell Institute

6. Sanjeev Rathore Classes

There is a comprehensive NEET coaching program at Sanjeev Rathore Classes, a reputable coaching center. As a result of Sanjeev Rathore Classes’ emphasis on individualized attention and strategic exam preparation, students are guaranteed success with their well-structured courses, experienced faculty, and regular mock tests.
As a result of their years of experience and excellence in providing top results, the institute is regarded as among the Best NEET Institutes in Kanpur due to their success record. SR Classes has some of the best experts in this field who have come with years of experience.

Contact Details:

098399 05254
Fee structure:
₹40,000 is charged by this institute for one-year NEET coaching.
Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Sanjeev Rathore Classes

7. GD Verma Classes

The GD Verma Classes ISO:9001-2008 Certified Institute was established to prepare students in Kanpur for the NEET exam. Besides preparation for NEET, the institute is also known for its preparation for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. With over 24 years of experience, the institute consistently strives to prepare students for careers in medicine.

In addition to helping aspirants crack NEET at the first attempt, the faculty at GD Verma Classes imparts technical and managerial knowledge which helps them throughout their lives, making this one of the top medical entrance examination coaching institutes in the country. For aspirants, GD Verma Classes is a great option.

Contact Details:


Fee structure:

The fees for NEET coaching in GD Verma Classes is ₹50,000 for one year

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – GD Verma Classes

8. Reliant Institute

Reliant Institute in Kanpur provides coaching for JEE Advanced, AIIMS, and NEET. The institute was established in 2005 to provide the best coaching for NEET in Kanpur. Reliant Institute has only one center in India.

Its faculty members are well-trained and experienced in teaching their respective subjects. They have been providing rankers for medical and engineering entrance exams for years. By offering the most current and updated curriculum, they provide real-time knowledge. Since Reliant Institute uses unique teaching methods that make learning easy, they focus on the overall development of students. It is the most preferred institute for students.

Contact Details:



Fee structure:

₹25,000 is charged for one-year NEET coaching in this institute.

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Reliant Institute

9. Brilliant Tutorials

A major objective of Brilliant Tutorial, the Best NEET Coaching in Kanpur, is to provide quality education to students preparing for various competitive exams. As a result of its commitment to serving the students selflessly and commitment to excellence, Brilliant Tutorial Educational Institute has evolved into a responsible, dynamic, and one of the most successful coaching institutes in the country today.

There is only one center of Brilliant Tutorials in Kanpur in Kakadeo, but they also teach for other exams like AIIMS. Besides having a highly qualified and experienced faculty, the institute also has 29 coaching centres across India. We believe this coaching for NEET in Kanpur is a great choice if you intend to take it.

Contact Details:

78607 86213

Fee structure:

Brilliant Tutorials charges ₹80,000 for a one-year NEET course.

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Brilliant Tutorials

10. Biology Trunk

Providing NEET coaching, Biology Trunk is a well-known coaching center in Kanpur. The institute offers experienced faculty, comprehensive study materials, and regular practice tests to help students excel in their exams. Students benefit from Biology Trunk’s emphasis on concept clarity and exam strategies.

Biology Trunk has more than 20 experienced faculty members who can make sure that students join one of the best government and top private medical colleges in India. Biology Trunk NEET Coaching is equipped with excellent infrastructure. For a better understanding of the questions, the students can see some live examples on LED screens in the air-conditioned classrooms.

Contact Details:



Fee structure:

Contact Biology Trunk to know about the fee structure.

Best NEET Coaching In Kanpur – Biology Trunk